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Season Kickoff, Weather Policies, ETC

Season Kickoff:  Our season has kicked off this week, and we are holding practices only through September 15.  Games will begin on September 16th, and the following week, many of our teams will be playing against their own division as well as our Cal Ripken friends from Pioneer Baseball in Alexandria/Springfield.  This opportunity to travel will be available to the Majors, Minors and Machine Pitch.  Schedules will be updated shortly to reflect.  No one will travel more than twice this season.

Weather Policies:  If rain forces us to close fields, we will usually wait for the county to announce their closings and then add ours.  Some of our fields are more robust than others, so if the county closes some, we may still have fields available, and will try and shuffle things around to keep people playing.  So remain open to some changes if it's wet and rainy.  Also, our reminder system sends out texts and emails right at 3pm (if the system is operating at top speed), and sometimes our closings cross over the texts.  Our website will always have the most up to date field status, and when we close or change, those emails are triggered.  If there is thunder and lightening in the area, fields will be closed for 30 minutes after the last lightening flash and managers will be on the hook to wait it out or cancel.  If it rains after 4pm, it will be a game time call by the managers as to whether or not to play.  

Issues/Concerns:  If you have any issues or concerns about how your season is going, please discuss with your manager first. Your commissioner is always available to you after you have spoken with your manager.  We want every family to have a wonderful experience and the fall is our relaxed, developmental and fun season without the stress of competition.  Every player should have maximum opportunties to experience different positions and to be taught new skills.   


by posted 09/05/2017
Field Status
Alabama - Herndon OPEN (10/21) 
Bready - Herndon OPEN (10/21) 
Bruin - Herndon OPEN (10/21) 
Cuttermill 1 - Herndon OPEN (10/21) 
Four Seasons 1 - Herndon OPEN (10/21) 
Four Seasons 2 - Herndon OPEN (10/21) 
Fox Mill 1 - Herndon OPEN (10/21) 
Haley Smith - Herndon TBD (10/21) 
Herndon Middle 2 (back) - Herndon OPEN (10/21) 
Stratton Woods 60 foot - Herndon TBD (10/21)