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What do they mean????

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Due to the incredibly high number of emails that flow through the LeagueAthletic.com servers, we are constantly fighting to keep mass emails from being filtered out by various ISPs. We suspect that some of them see large numbers of identical emails arriving all at once as spam. The number that you see in the email title is an attempt to make each and every email that comes from our servers unique, which we hope will allow us to circumvent this type of filtering.

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by posted 10/05/2015
Field Status
Alabama - Herndon OPEN (10/9) 
Bready - Herndon OPEN (10/9) 
Bruin - Herndon OPEN (10/9) 
Four Seasons 1 - Herndon OPEN (10/9) 
Four Seasons 2 - Herndon OPEN (10/9) 
Fox Mill 1 (by playgrd) - Herndon OPEN (10/9) 
Haley Smith - Herndon OPEN (10/9) 
Herndon Elementary #2 - Herndon OPEN (10/9) 
Herndon Middle 2 (back) - Herndon OPEN (10/9) 
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